Monthly Service, $30/EDU
Tapping Fee, $1,000 (plus all installation/equipment/inspection costs)

Sewage bill payments may be mailed to:
Borough of Markleysburg
PO Box 25
Markleysburg, PA  15459

Or, pay in person at the Borough Building on the 1st Monday of each month, 6:00pm-7:00pm.

All bills are sent to the actual property owner of record and will not be sent to tenants, renters or third-parties of any kind.
The Borough uses Fayette County Tax Assessment Office and local Tax Collector records for determining ownership. If the address on your sewage bill is incorrect or you wish to have it changed, you must first make the change with the Fayette County Tax Assessment Office. Their office is located in the Fayette County Courthouse, 4th Floor. Mailing address: 61 East Main St., Uniontown, PA, 15401. Phone 724-430-1350. Once changes are verified with the Assessment Office, Borough records will be updated.

Late fees and finance charges are added to accounts when payments are not received by the 20th of the billing month.

Delinquent Customers are subject to liens, water shut-off and all associated fees. Payment plans for delinquencies may be accepted by Borough Council at their discretion.
If a delinquent account-holder’s water is shut-off, the account (including all associated costs for termination and restoration of water service) must be paid in full to have water service restored.

All property owners are instructed to regularly examine their sewage lines, vent ports and view port to be sure they are still installed properly according to specifications. Broken or incorrectly installed service lines allow excess water into the sewage system, causing increased costs to the entire system. Please address any issues with your service line immediately to avoid extra charges.

Borough Council continually strives to keep costs down but property owners’ assistance is needed to accomplish this. Keeping lines, vents and view ports in good working order is crucial. Everyone working together helps to avoid rate increases.

Public sewage service may be terminated ONLY when all gray water facilities are permanently removed from the property and an inspection is performed confirming removal and disconnection.
Uninhabited properties are subject to monthly sewage service fees unless all facilities have been removed, service has been disconnected and an inspection has been performed.

Prior to 2005 sewage waste within the Borough was handled by on-site septic systems. In 2004, thanks to a PennVest grant and low interest loans, the Borough began construction of a public sewer collection system, and a sewage treatment plant. Customers began tapping into the system in June 2005. Tapping into this public sewage system is mandatory for all properties with sewage facilities. The system serves customers in the Borough of Markleysburg and a small portion of Henry Clay Township. Initial tapping fees were $350 and later raised to the current fee, $1000. The monthly charge started out at $28 per EDU. Early in 2014 the rate was raised to $30 per EDU.

Sewage Treatment Plant Location: 161 Bruceton Road Markleysburg, PA 15459

Markleysburg Sewer Rules & Regulations  (.pdf file)